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Join our Trader Program! Our capital. Your skills.

Just send us your CV and a motivational letter in English and we will get back to you.

All training will be conducted in English

The training is entirely free of charge.

Step 1:

After a number of interviews, trained professionals will evaluate your ability to become a successful trader and join the Training Program.

Step 2:

In your first month, you will be preparing to take the Investment Exam (which is similar to a Series 7 exam). We will provide you all the necessary materials. During the one-month period, you will have to be in the office to learn how to navigate the trading software we use. After successfully passing the Investment Exam, the actual training and trading process will start. You will qualify to trade a real-time account for our partner hedge fund as an Entry Trader/Trainee.

Step 3:

After trading for approximately 6 months, you will become a Junior Trader, which means – less monitoring, more limits and more active investment and trading.

After you pass the entrance exam, you will be able to attend our training program. The training will consist of lectures, videos, live-trading classes and working closely with your mentor. It will be all day long and will be an intensive six months-long course. During this course, you will also be trading a live account.

During the training, you will learn about:

  • How to trade
  • The trading software and products we trade
  • Trading systems and setups.
  • Psychology in trading

You must be in the office two hours before the NYSE market opens and stay until it closes.

Yes, the dress code is business casual.

Work as a Trader

We invest in our Traders, not vice-versa.
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