1-month Training Program

You must pass pre-qualifying interview to join

The job is suitable for recent university graduates who want to enter the world of stock trading. If you pass the pre-qualifying interviews, you will undergo an extensive one-month training program.

After completion of the Training and passing the Final Exam, you will be offered a “Junior Trader” position within our Hedge Fund and will start trading an actual LIVE account.


  • Step 1

    Send us your CV and Motivational Letter answering:
    – Why you want to join the Program
    – Why you believe you will be a good Trader

  • Step 2

    We will then invite you for a round of assessment interviews with the Senior Traders to qualify for the Training Program.

  • Step 3

    Once you pass the assessment interviews, you will undergo a 1-month structured training consisting of lectures, videos and manuals. You will also be studying for the “Series 7” Exam, which will mark your passing the Training.

  • Step 4

    If you pass the “Series 7” exam with at least 75%, you will start trading LIVE. You will, however, continue to attend daily classes for the next 6 months.

  • Step 5

    After 6 months, you will become a “Mid-level Trader”. At this point, you will be well ahead in your career path to being a Professional Trader.

Our Philosophy

  • Use competitive recruitment know-how in identifying, acquiring,
    and training talent
  • Use deep psychological profiling in matching the best mentor for
    each new trainee
  • Accelerate the learning curve through live trading: the market is the
    best classroom
  • Apply rigorous risk criteria from day one to build discipline
  • Rotate trainees to different groups to expose them to new asset
    classes and strategies
  • Inspire openness and honesty throughout the process: ask tough
    questions, demand accountability

Curriculum Overview

The following are some of the basic components of the Training Program:

  • Training is headed by the Fund’s “Head of Trading” and some of the Senior Traders, all of whom are highly successful traders
  • Training is entirely free; applicants are never charged for it
  • Begins with 2 to 3 weeks of classroom intensive training teaching core concepts
  • Software training and market trading simulation
  • “Series 7” (internal Exam) course and materials
  • After licensing and demonstrating the fundamentals, trainees begin supervised live trading with hedge fund capital allocation
  • Rotation throughout the trading floor to learn new strategies and to enable trainees to identify their unique style
  • Daily pre- and post-market meetings and regular seminars conducted by top traders
  • Regular team-building exercises: trading contests, social events, volunteering

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